Abraham Maslow was an American psychologist best known for putting together a hierarchy of basic needs that describes the human quest for happiness. Air (oxygen), Water

, Safety (Security), Sleep (7-9 hours within each 24 hours), Food, Clothing, and Shelter make up the top seven human needs. Most people in the United States have these needs met to one degree or another. What is the one thing you worry about the most? Safety (Security) is at the top of most of our lists. We want to live peaceably and without want for the entirety of our lives. Most of us boil this down to having adequate amounts of money to live our lives.

Our minds are consumed with the temporary here and now. It would appear we are quite insignificant in the grander scheme of things. Yet we are spiritual beings and life on this sphere racing around our star in a vast universe will not last long. We are eternal creatures with a timeless existence before us.

Here is the kicker, sometime in eternity past there was a rebellion in God’s home. Lucifer (an angel) was jealous of God and wanted some of the attention from all the created beings. He challenged God and a third of the Heavenly beings (all made by God) joined Lucifer. God created a permanent eternal place just for them, Hell. He then expelled them from Heaven to Hell. Wow!

Heaven (God’s home) is filled with the righteous (obeying God’s perfect will always). Hell (Lucifer’s home) is filled with the unrighteous (those rebelling against God’s perfect will). A vast gulf separates the two places. God is unexplainably creative. He made this planet for us and then created us to work it and rule it. Sadly, the first man and woman did just what Lucifer did, they rebelled from God. In that rebellion this planet was cast into chaos. God’s precious people that he makes, and loves became unrighteous by their rebellion and were eternally destined for Lucifer’s place. So sad.

God’s law was clear, rebel and you are gone, you will die, (separated from God for eternity). He is a Divine Being of character; He does not change. He has so much love for humans He could not bear eternity apart from us. So rather than the individual dying for their own unrighteousness, God accepted a substitute. He took all the rebellion of humanity upon His own shoulders in the person of Jesus Christ. He was severely punished, died and entered Lucifer’s home. This was like putting a square peg into a round hole. He just did not fit. He (God) was sinless and did not belong there. He broke down the doors of Hell from the inside out. He emerged from the human grave and then returned to His own home, Heaven. This is our own promise. When our bodies die, we will ascend to God’s home, Heaven.

Here is the most important question for your eternity; will you admit you think of your own needs, desires, and plans above all else including God’s perfect plan? If so, tell Him you too have lived a life of rebellion against Him. Ask for His forgiveness. Accept that Jesus was your substitute. He paid the price for your rebellion and because of that you know Shalom (being in a state of wholeness without deficiency) for this life and for eternity.

He now declares you are righteous and belong to Him forever. No power can deny you your inheritance in Heaven. You are utterly secure for all eternity! There is no power that can tear you from Him. Even if you falter in this life, He will never let go of you. That is REAL SECURITY!

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