Do We Need to Have Theological Discussions

The regular church members, Christ Followers, need think they must engage people in theological discussions. Most feel inadequate to the task. Each though must be prepared to give a reason for their faith. We need only to simply explain that we are helpless over sin (self) and need help. Jesus offers that help so we accepted it. When life gets rough, we simply surrender to Him and ask His assistance. Faith in Jesus Christ can help us overcome sin, loneliness, fear, and anxiety. He also helps us get along with others. At times, no small task. He can help you rise above pain and despondency. He strengthens us to overcome desires for things that destroy. It is good to ask, “Have I reached a simple, effective faith?”

07.10.2021 Meditation

Expect miracles of change in people’s lives. Do not be held back by unbelief. People can change and they are often ready and waiting to be changed. Never believe that human nature cannot be changed. We see changed people every day. Do you have the faith to make these changes possible? Modern miracles happen every day in the lives of people, The best miracles are in the realm of personalities. Human nature can change and is always being changed. We need faith enough to be vehicles for God’s strength into the lives of others.

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