A Thought About Speaking and Writing

Watch carefully what you say. Words have enormous power to bless and to wound. When you speak carelessly, cruelly, or negatively, you harm others and yourself. The ability to speak is a gift from God. It is granted only to those created in His image. We need help employing this paramount gift.

The world celebrates and admires the shrewd reply. Reckless words cause great damage to the listener and/or reader. Social media is a well-used medium often employed to harm and destroy. Children are brutally injured by cruel social media posts and verbal taunts from others. They are not sufficiently experienced in life to have developed a thick skin emotionally. Yet, all people can be injured by harsh words. Therefore, God tells us to withhold any unwholesome talk. We must only speak about what builds people up with respect to their needs.

God gives us quite specific instructions regarding communications. He tells us to be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry. He instructs us to ask Holy Spirit for help whenever we speak. If you are with people and they are silent, pray before you speak. These are split-second prayers that bear enormous rewards for the listener and for the speaker. We are now in touch with God directly and our speaking is under the control of Holy Spirit. We are now using positive words and phrases. You can only imagine how this impacts those to whom you speak and how this fills you with joy.

Imagine Jesus being interviewed on television. Do you want a hint? Read His social media posts. He has made thousands of them. Open your Bible and read them. He is always building people up! Let us emulate Jesus!

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