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About Pastor Gutty

"The Reverend Stephen P. Gutridge"

B.Sc. University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky;

M.Div. Palmer Theological Seminary, Wayne, Pennsylvania


The Reverend Gutridge became a Christian as a young adult in college.  The pastor at the Hurstbourne Baptist Church, Louisville, Kentucky ended every service with an Altar Call.  God’s love and grace were so compelling that Gutty finally surrendered to the Master in the spring of 1968.  Soon after he wed Paula Ray and they have been happily married since.  After graduation from college he went to work in industrial sales and was transferred to the branch office in Villanova, Pennsylvania.  Christ became an increasingly more important part of his life. He left the business world to prepare for full-time pastoral ministry.  He attended Palmer Theological Seminary and graduated with a Master of Divinity Degree.  During his seminary training he served as a youth pastor in several congregations.  He was installed as the pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Chester, Pennsylvania.  He served there until he and Paula founded, Living Christ Ministries.  Living Christ Ministries, the parent ministry for their very successful live phone-in radio program, “Curious About Christ”, that aired one hour daily on WZZD, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Lord then called him to a ten-year pastorate in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania. Gutty has a very infectious enthusiasm for Jesus Christ and His Church. He was thrilled to serve Presbyterians for Renewal for a season. He believes in the Christ centered renewal of individuals that then renew churches and churches that renew denominations. Pastor Gutty has served eight congregations as an Interim/Transitional Pastor. 

Pastor Gutty has always had a heart for people that do not know Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.  He has been trained at the, Billy Graham School of Evangelism, and other church growth and evangelism courses and seminars.  He is also thoroughly trained as a Transition/Interim Pastor specialist. During the years he has led hundreds of people to faith in Christ one on one and many more through his preaching.  He is an experienced conference and retreat speaker as well as a successful local church pastor and a radio talk show co-host.  He and Paula have two grown sons; Charlie, married to Mary Elizabeth, “M.E.” and Steve.  Charlie and M.E. blessed them with their first grandchild, James, and their first granddaughter, Summer Raye.  Their children and grandchildren are committed Christians and all currently serve or have served in some type of ministry.  They enjoy two dogs and in the past loved and cared for four horses.





Pastor Gutty has a distinguished career as a Pastor, Preacher, Teacher, Conference Speaker, Evangelist, and Writer/Blogger. He emphasizes the importance of personal responsibility, repentance, daily Bible Study, meditation on God's Holy Word, and moment upon moment prayer. He teaches congregations and individuals to pray for the conversion of souls. A life is seldom changed without someone fervently praying for that person. Congregations are not  moved to change without consistent heart-felt prayer.

Pastor Gutty has spent his career sharing the life changing power of of Jesus Christ, helping getting Jesus into people, and training leaders. He enjoys a fruitful Transitional Pastoral Ministry at Glade Run Church, Valencia, Pennsylvania. Pastor Gutty is always looking for ways to be relevant to an ever-changing culture without forgetting the needs of the established church membership. He says often, “Let’s continue to be creative in shaping effective ministry without forgetting who brought us to the dance.”


Personal Statement of Faith

GOD, He has always been and will always be. He is Creator of all things. 


GOD-HEAD, God reveals Himself as FATHER, SON, and HOLY SPIRIT. 


BIBLE, The inerrant infallible Word of God. It has been preserved from its original writings in 39 Books Old Testament and 27 Books New Testament. Holy Spirit inspired the writers to record His Word without violating their personality or writing style. Holy Spirit inspires translations into different languages without violating God’s Truths. He also inspires the reader in understanding the Bible. Ask Him and He will give you more understanding than you ever imagined.


JESUS CHRIST, God reveals Himself in a form people understand, human form. Jesus 100% human, 100% GOD. Everything we need to know about God we discover in Jesus. Conceived by Holy Spirit, born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, took all the sin of the world upon Himself, paid the price for all that sin with His death on the Cross. He received full penalty for sin, death and Hell. He defeated Death and Hell, was raised to Eternal Life. He appeared in His risen body for 40 days, ascended into heaven bodily in the witness of His disciples. He promised to return. 


HOLY SPIRIT, God now indwells all His people in person of Holy Spirit. He empowers us to do all He asks. There is no task too difficult, or challenge too great. The power of the God-Head indwells us and empowers us. 


PEOPLE, All people were created by God in His image. All sinned and fall short of God’s glory.

MARRIAGE, The essential social construct of human society. It is the Holy union of one man and one woman until death parts them.


SALVATION, We can do nothing to earn favor with God. He offers eternal life to each person He calls. He moves us to accept that we are sinners, accept His gift of His life for ours, and receive redemption. 


BAPTISM, Marks us publicly as followers of Jesus Christ and members of His Body. 


EUCHARIST, It marks the price exacted for our sin, Jesus’ life, body, and blood. The shed blood of Jesus, the sign that a death has taken place, is sufficient payment for our sin. The Eucharist is the personal experience of this reality. 


CHURCH, Composed of all people redeemed by Jesus past, present, and future. Our work is simple; Worship Him; Study His Word; Obey His Word; Pray; Break Bread Together; Encourage One Another; live Holy pure lives; Tell Others; and Maintain the Purity of His written Word.


STEWARDSHIP, People are God’s chosen Stewards of all He has created on earth. In the Church this is expressed by people in their giving of Time, Talent, and Substance. The Bible sets the Tithe (10%) as the beginning point of all giving. The first 10% of all we have belongs to God and to keep it is to steal from God. Giving over and above the Tithe is Offering and is where real joy is found in giving. Note: Interestingly, people who practice tithing and more never have an issue with someone talking about it. 


EVANGELISM, Saved people have a responsibility to tell others. Holy Spirit gives each of us the grace, knowledge, and compulsion to pray and share our faith in Jesus Christ. 


SECOND ADVENT, God is extraordinarily patient with this fallen world. Jesus will return when there is not a single soul remaining that can be saved.


THE END, At the end of the age the bodies of the dead shall be raised. The righteous shall enter into fullness of eternal bliss in the presence of God, and the wicked shall be condemned to eternal death.


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144 Overbrook Road

Valencia, Pennsylvania 16059-1108


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